Saturday, 6 August 2016

sinitta at x factor fix scandal for new series rigging goes against a fair and balanced competition for other auditionees

sinitta at x factor fix  scandal for new  series, has been said before that there is some "management" or fixing with the x  factor, well some more accusations of  fixing involving sinitta and because her  group that she manages has  sailed through to the judges houses part of the  competition.

that her influence of simon cowell has helped, this kind of thing favoritism probably goes on a lot, though for people who are  grass roots auditionees it is probably not  such a great thing too see, and that the x factor competition is meant to be fair and balanced is brought into question with the way things like this happen.

just seems kind of unfair  for people who audition and should go through based on there  talent yet people who  have influence stack the odds against them by giving there friends leg ups at other peoples expense not fair really, not fair at all for other people  who are trying to make it through the competition on hard work, when there  are people in a group like a conspiracy rigging the x factor singing competition for themselves and there firends.

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